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USA writed by: Brent Gudgel Chris Sinclair. Jesus is Lord Amen. He deserve Medal of honor. God bless white Americans keep sharing the gospels of God i will love to be thre too. Thanks for making this and showing it to the world to see. My Superhero God bless. Download movie free burma rangers videos.


Nice i like like. I hope my tax dollars were not spent on this. There are better causes out there, like world hunger, medicine and clean water for third world children, and Peace Corp and Red Cross. 😤. Download Movie Free Burma ranger les. Download movie free burma rangers songs.

All of you are worshipers of the Christian and Buddhist idols. Feces ur brother urine. Cześć i chwała bohaterom. Thank you Alain for such wonderful videos. We love the Eubank family and are thankful for them following the Lords calling. We love and miss Kaw Thoo Lei every day and when God is ready he will let us return. Yesu Gay Naw FBR. It's makes me feel warm in my heart. To see Ametican people helping the karen people. I am also from a place of violence and crime. I am thankful for all the folks that has helped myself and my family. I will pay or forward. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

One brave soul. The U.S should NOT abandon. Trump said tuff words but where is the action of his words? It seems he may have taken a lesson from Obama's Red Line speech. God bless you all, and i'm not even that religious. It's just amazing what ya'll do in Kurdistan... Love the kid comment. Thank you may god bless. 1:20 Real-life heroes. Your a good man, god bless you.

I just dont have the words. thank you for what you do. Download movie free burma rangers 2016. Incredible video. I'm just wondering what your actual connection is to the Iraqi forces? Are you support attached to their unit, and how did you get involved in your role. Download movie free burma rangers song. Heroes. Download movie free burma rangers movies. Download movie free burma rangers 2017.

Respect from Malaysia to you sir. Surely You Are The HERO Sirr. Im a i would say it over & 0ver to you Sirr. Free burma rangers movie. TY for posting. God bless you. Download movie free burma rangers schedule. Proud to have served. Soldiers Do What Soldiers Do. Garry Owens, Sir. Scout's Out.

After not saying anything about terrorist members having custody body Children and infants. and Prior to that apparently saying He wanted to Abduct the Child he pretended to run though a hail of ISIS gun fire outrunning ISIS bullets ( Yeah. right ) Why hasn't Eubank Adopted these ISIS babies and Kids ? Why is he trying to send ISIS to Germany and pretending g Female ISIS fighters do not Fight ? Why is he advocating for leniency of the worst terrorist organization whose Leniency has already resulted in more Rpaed and killed Christian women children and disarmed Men ? Why does dAVID EUBANK PRETEND THAT SAYING IN Jesus name as he does not even follow The True Christ, and smoking the liberal piece pipe with ISIS is going to cure Terrorism ? If he was serious about un-brainwashing Muslims he would not just drop of a few lines and Stuffed animals and leave. Its a lot more complicated than that friend.

Those guys are angels. I love you guys. :D comedy. Download movie free burma rangerse. Download movie free burma rangers 2018. Movie free burma rangers.

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